Two months ago I was invited by Mr. Joao Macdowell (Artistic Director of iBoc) to write three choral pieces for the Iboc Singers in collaboration with the awesome Brazilian writer Marcos Bassini. After some fruitful meetings, the choral song cycle “Nights Cariocas” was born! I can’t wait to hear those pieces being performed by those singers under the direction of their conductor Neviton Barros!

This cycle is a poetic picture of how some people in Rio de Janeiro have fun, fall in love, and enjoy the night. Each song explores elements from very distinctive rhythms such as funk, bossa-nova, and samba. The words are full of Brazilian slangs, and the text is full of excellent poetry. Mr. Bassini knows well how to use the Portuguese language!

I am thrilled for being part of this! The iBoc is an amazing organization that brings to the world the new face of the contemporary opera. Many thanks to Mr. Macdowell for making this work an achievable dream.

If you wanna have more information about this company, here is a brief description:

“The International Brazilian Opera Company (iBoc) is a New York based non-profit organization that supports the creation and development of new operatic repertoire that combines ideas from both Brazilian and international artists.”