Jim Catt
Director of Music - Sydney Vocal Project

I came across Bill through his Choral Good Vibes Project work. I loved the feel he gave to some of his charts, particularly the contemporary snippets arranged in Choral stye. I admire his commitment and complete dedication to his passion of Choral music. This is very evident in his composing.

I commissioned Bill to do a full piece, George Michaels FREEDOM. Bill was very open in this process, allowing me to have artistic input at the beginning; and on completion with a couple of small edits. It is important to stress that Bill gave me the feeling he was working for me/us, not his ego. Bill was gracious about my input, incorporating all my suggestions in an efficient and respectful manner. More importantly, Bill completed all tasks including sending the final files on time, as agreed.

I would thoroughly recommend Bill’s work to any choir or group looking for a different Choral take on contemporary music.