Gareth H Bond
DMA, the Catholic University of America. Director, Wesley Choir (UMC), Vienna, VA

Upon crossing paths early last year, Bill Heigen has been on my radar as an exceptional composer and musician. The power of pieces such as Voca me and Ave Maria lends a wonderful freshness supplying new harmonic passages and surprising changes keeping the musicians ‘on their toes’ and leaving the listeners exhilarated. My professional vocal ensemble relishes the opportunities to sing Bill’s energetically moving pieces as he continues to capture the essence of the underlying movement propelling the music and text to a superb ending. I am so glad you have burst upon the music and (more specifically) the choral scene!

“Wesley Choir’s Heigen commission (06-2015) “They that wait upon the Lord” SSATB, a powerfully set A section flowing into a quickly soaring B section touched with some polyphony, returning to the solidity of A, ending in a flourish as a “coda” B zenith encompassing the strength and stability of God Almighty and the completely non-oppressive energy available to those who serve and follow His commands. Bill has captured the essence of Isaiah 40:31 KJV in this challenging piece which is fun to sing and experiential to the listener. Another winner through the pen of Bill Heigen!