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They that wait upon the Lord

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I composed They that wait upon the Lord in New York City in 2015. This piece was commissioned by the choir of Wesley United Methodist Church, Vienna, VA, USA. This piece features a lively beginning in which the piano part presents the theme from the middle section. The first entrance of the choir presents the main theme, and right after that, the text is underlined by unison on different voice parts. There are some moments of polyphony and key changes. The choral texture is appropriate for an operatic approach. The piano part is complimentary in activity to the voice parts, but at the same time, it has a completely independent chord progression. The overall dynamic is forte, and there is an uplifting feeling throughout the entire piece.

There is an extended version of this piece that was premiered at The David Geffen Hall - Lincoln Center in NYC on April 13th of 2019.

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