As an Educator, I feel a duty to share this here. Below, my favorite quotes from the speech delivered by Tatiana Ibrahim on June 1st at Carmel, NY. It is an 11-minute video that I encourage everybody to watch. Link:

“Stop indoctrinating our children.”
“Stop teaching our children to hate the police.”
“Why are we not allowed to discuss names?”
“Do you want the proof? I have the proof.”
“Why can we not let the public speak?”
“You work for me. I don’t work for you.”
“This is still America, ma’am.”
“You wanna teach kids these things? Fine. Don’t do it on my dollar.”
“Who is anyone to determine race?”
“Children, they don’t look at color.”
“You are the racist, not them.”
“I have a problem when you are trying to kill a police officer.”
“I can go as long as I like.”
“We’ve paid for everything.”
“You wanna silence me because I spoke the truth.”
“Now you are exposed.”
“It is going to end. This indoctrination and hate towards police officers, this systematic racism and cancel culture, it is gonna end.”
“You need to respect every child. Therefore, no politics should be discussed in school rather would be Conservatism, Democratic, Liberalism.”