Yes, friends! Let’s talk a little bit about politics. I have tried my best to keep my opinions to myself. My opinions are only relevant to me, and I do not engage with “political art” when it comes to writing my songs and choral pieces. However, recently I have decided to express my opinions on my Facebook page, and this was the result (link below). I am not pretending to be better than anyone, and I did not go out of my way to troll/bully specific people. I did not tag anyone and I wrote my thoughts on my own feed exactly the way they came to my mind. I was exercising my right to Free Speech. To my surprise, instead of just ignoring me and unfollow me, some people chose to personally attack me because they did not like my opinions. Also, some of them are totally “ok” to “cancel” me. I am glad that some people were able to keep a civil dialogue. But make no mistake, I chose to fight back and be snarky and condescending towards people that attacked me first. I believe that the justified censorship of people that may think differently from us is very dangerous. I will use my social media platforms to advocate for Free Speech for everyone regardless of their political opinions.  If you are interested in more details about the whole thing, feel free to download the pdf showing all my interactions with other Facebook users.

link for the pdf: