Last Sunday I wrote a piece for children voices and piano. I needed to add a ballad to our Winter Concert that is coming up in a few months. If you would like to have access to teaching materials and the piano track of this song, feel free to watch the video on YouTube and visit the link on the description. Download is free! Hope you enjoy: Winter Time is Here by Bill Heigen

I am happy to share with you a little bit of some of the stuff I did as a musician back in Brazil. I was invited to an interview to talk about the creation of one of my arrangements that were performed in 2009 by my vocal ensemble Reus Confessos. We performed my vocal arrangement of “Blues da Piedade”, and years later, a choir in Sao Paulo called “Coro da Vila” also performed this arrangement in several concerts. Please, feel free to listen to episode 8 of the program in which I talk a little bit about the process of making the arrangement and my opinions about the chosen song. All in Brazilian Portuguese (my native language!).

Radio Madalena – Coro da Vila


I am happy to announce that I will be bringing Music to scholars at Zeta Charter Schools this academic year! I am glad I get to help the next generation to discover all the benefits a solid Music Education can provide to anyone’s life!

If you would like to know more about Zeta, feel free to visit their website:

For all choral musicians out there, I am giving away some of my sacred works for FREE. I hope this book can bring beauty and peace to whoever comes accross these pieces. Link for download: Sacred Choral Works Vol 1 Bill Heigen

Last week was Holy Week. Because of that, I had the opportunity to make great music with very talented people. I just want to share one of the songs that we performed. Hope you enjoy:

“When You Wish Upon a Star” isn’t a holiday song per se. However, it invokes a feeling that is currently so relevant based on recent events that we are all experiencing. Enjoy an excerpt of my arrangement performed virtually by some singers from The New York Holiday Choristers.


And once again this pandemic forced us to be creative! Hope you enjoy this beautiful homage to our essential workers made by The National Chorale. I am honored to be part of that! Link:

I just love this song! This was recorded live at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in NYC. John Cantrell is the pianist and I had a great time making music with him. Hope you enjoy it as well!

Link for the YouTube video: