And once again this pandemic forced us to be creative! Hope you enjoy this beautiful homage to our essential workers made by The National Chorale. I am honored to be part of that! Link:

I just love this song! This was recorded live at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in NYC. John Cantrell is the pianist and I had a great time making music with him. Hope you enjoy it as well!

Link for the YouTube video:

COVID-19 is still here haunting us. However, lucky me this pandemic was not enough to keep my school from teaching scholars! It is different now. Everything is online. But the joy of teaching and learning Music is still there. Strange times we are living in!


Quick story: someone called Tim posted a nice comment on one of my YouTube videos. Right after that he sent me an email inviting me for auditioning for this live streaming platform for musicians called Sessions Live. At first I thought it was a “scheme” and I totally dismissed it. One week after that, Tim posted another nice comment in a different video. Also, he sent me another email. At this point,  I decided to give it a try since Tim worked so hard to convince me. I did the audition and I was invited to be part of the platform! I will be streaming live 20 minutes shows once in a while!! I am  excited to try something new, and for artists like me, COVID-19 is making us learn to adapt to a “new normal”. I still do not know how to properly promote my first show, but I can say that I will sing some Jazz, Love Songs and Bossa Nova. Stay tuned!!!

“The passing of Marie Fredriksson, Roxette’s vocalist, was something that I was not expecting to happen so soon. She passed last year after a 17-year battle with cancer. When I was a teenager, I was introduced to this pop duo, and I became obsessed with them. An outstanding vocalist, Marie gave life to so many great songs that were part of many happy moments of my past!!! The duo is mostly known by a single called “It Must Have Been Love” featured in the soundtrack of the 1990 romantic comedy “Pretty Woman”. Recently, I wrote a vocal arrangement of this single as a tribute to Roxette’s legacy. Hope you enjoy it! #thingswillneverbethesame”


I composed “The Seven Tears” in New York City, NY on June of 2020. This is a collection of 7 short pieces for piano exploring some of the beautiful colors that can be found on 7 minor keys.

Available for Streaming here: click here

Free sheet music here: click here


Grad School, here I come!!!! – “The Admission Committee is pleased to offer you a place in the Arts Management and Entrepreneurship program at The New School’s College of Performing Arts for Fall 2020 as a candidate for the Master of Arts degree. We look forward to welcoming you to our innovative community!”

It looks like virtual choirs are a thing during this pandemic. The Salvatones created this video in which we are singing together! Technology has given us the opportunity to make choral music even being far away from each other! Enjoy our first #virtualchoir offering taken from our spring repertoire. Link below:

Watch the video

Who would have thought we would experience life in the midst of a world pandemic? My school was closed today. Next week would be the Music Showcase of my scholars. We worked really hard on putting together a show singing about BIRDS! Unfortunately, those birds are quiet now. Life is on PAUSE.


This year of 2019 was filled with great events on my professional and personal life! I got one of my pieces performed at The David Geffen Hall (Lincoln Center) by the National Chorale; I got hired by Uncommon Schools to be a Music Teacher; I moved back to New York City; one of my pieces was played on the Middle East; and I got an award for my piece “Ocean of Illusions” in South Korea! Hope this year has brought you many good news just like it brought me. Let us get ready for 2020! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!