This past weekend I had a blast singing my brains out with Ember

Not a doubt, one of the most challenging vocal solos I’ve ever done. Rewarding experience!!!

Ember is part of an amazing organization that promotes Choral Music here in the US. Check them out!

I have always been obsessed with this song since I heard it for the first time. The composer, Paulinho da Viola, was spot on! I see myself in the lyrics, and that compelled me to write and record this arrangement. Most may say that I just “killed” the Brazilian vibe of the original song, and most may be right.

Check it out: Listen on Spotify

Back in the 90s, I was a teenager into Electronic Music like so many others. I was never an invested fan or anything like that. I just have an appreciation for the art of making beats and creating dancing tracks that could be the soul of any party.

A couple of months ago I had the idea of making a collaboration with an EDM artist and creating a new EDM track using elements from my Choral Music. I started researching lots 0f EDM artists, and I started listening to a bunch of different tracks on Spotify. One day, I heard a song by Kyler Boss called “Sleep Talking”, and I fell in love with the track. Thank God we live in a connected world, and just by sending him a message, Kyler and I started talking about the possibility of collaborating on a new track. Kyler loved the idea and I sent him my choral piece “Someone Who Dreams”, which was one of the 4 tracks of my first EP “Songs of Sorrow” released in 2019.

Yesterday, the track was released!!!! Here is the link:

Kyler did an amazing job, and I am happy to share that “Sometimes I Dream (Of Nightmares)” is now available on all major streaming platforms!

I could not be happier with our collaboration! Kyler is a very talented EDM artist, and I highly recommend people to check out his work at:


Starting this season, I will be serving as the Tenor Section Leader at the illustrious St. Peter’s Church right here in the heart of New York City!

St. Peter’s Church has a rich history of musical excellence and has been a cherished part of this city’s cultural tapestry for generations. I am happy to become a part of this storied tradition and to contribute my voice to the choir that graces this magnificent space.

More about the church:

I am happy to announce that this school year I will be serving as Music Teacher at Ascend Public Charter Schools!

As a passionate advocate for Music Education, I am truly honored to share my love for music with hundreds of people weekly! Their website:

On May 6th, the GRAMMY winner National Children’s Chorus performed at Carnegie Hall, and as a vocal mentor, I got to perform with them. However, the “mission accomplished” feeling that I always get every time I perform there was stronger this time. Thanks to the generosity of NCC, I was able to get 83 free tickets for 20 families that I serve at NYFACS to enjoy the concert. I am sure that this experience has the potential to be life-changing for some of my students. I felt like I did something good, and I feel grateful for it. For more info about NCC’s upcoming projects, feel free to visit their website:

I took some time off last week and got to watch Katy Perry in Las Vegas! The show was quite entertaining, and she does a duet with a giant turd with some corn attached to it (literally)!

I love when the artist takes their silly ideas and makes them come to life!

I love singing at that church! Once in a while, I can find some time on my schedule to go there and sing with AMAZING singers in a GORGEOUS space! This church is one of my top 5 when it comes to high-quality Music making and beauty! You can watch the whole service here:

I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited to join the staff of The Grotto Church of Notre Dame as a singer.

The Grotto Church of Notre Dame is a historic and beautiful church located in the heart of the city. It is the home of three different communities, English-speaking, French-speaking and Spanish-speaking. Its diverse cultural traditions and languages reflect the multiple sides of faith expression.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my voice with the congregation of The Grotto Church of Notre Dame.

Check out their website:

It was a lot of work, but I am so grateful!!!!

Creating a new vocal ensemble has been a labor of love, but the results are worth it. In October 2022, I launched a “Call for Scores” to discover new choral music and was blown away by the response.

I received an overwhelming 448 submissions from 283 choral composers from all over the world. I had initially intended to select 9 pieces for our first recording project, but the quality and diversity of the submissions made it a challenging task.

It is heartening to know that choral music, which has always been my passion, is alive and well. There are so many talented composers dedicating themselves to this art form.

If you’re curious about the final selections, you can check them out on our website at