Last Sunday October 12th was my Birthday. For my entire life I have never liked this day. This date reminds me that I am getting older, that I have even less time to pursue my dreams, to become a better musician, and to stay here in this world. For the past few years I used to organize remarkable celebrations to push the depression away. Last year I even organized a concert with my musician friends! But this year, because of my busy life, I didn’t organize any special event. So, the terrible day came last Sunday. I worked, I had lunch, I studied, fed my cat, watched my favorite cartoon (American Dad!), and you know what? It wasn’t that terrible at all! It was just another day, just like any other day. Everything was inside my head. I realized that every single day I am getting older, and I have less time to do anything anyway. There is no such a thing like 365 days cycle at all, this is an illusion. I have lived such a wonderful life surrounded by love, adventures, and music, and the fact that I am not the youngest anymore doesn’t need to bring me down so easily. With that in mind, I started my week putting less weight on my shoulders and feeling much better. It is sad, but it is true: everybody will die someday! We have to keep working and keep doing things, but no rush. Who cares how old are you if you are happy with yourself? Everything that is determined to be ours will find a way to come to us sooner or later. Remember, birthday is just a reminder of your currently age. Age is just a number, and numbers weren’t made to determine who we are.