I couldn’t be happier! Bubbles just got an awesome review by Jean Ballard Terepka! She is an archivist and intellectual historian from New York City!
Last week C4 (www.c4ensemble.org) premiered my piece Bubbles on the first two concerts of their 2014-2015 season. Ms Terepka was in the audience. Take a look at what she wrote:

“Bubbles proved to be a perfect way to end the evening. The text, as C4 composer and Bubbles poet Bill Heigen, noted, is “an attempt to compare life with a bubble.” Bubbles shimmer, float and fly; they bump into other bubbles (and things), and then, with a pop we imagine we hear, they’re gone. Though bubbles contains a familiar carpe diem message, the music’s exploration of particular moments of life–a bubble’s and our own–by means of distinct, though often overlapping singing by choir sections, subsections, and choir divisions by gender as well as by constant CHANGES of dynamics, rhythms, tones and keys makes the old dictum feel quite original.

The music alternates passages of intimacy and expansiveness, endearing silliness and stealth gravitas, memorable loveliness and shiny, transparent evanescence and loss. Conducting the lovely music with evident happiness, Siadat also made exuberant cascades of bubbles with a bright blue bubble gun (as did dancer Anastasia Wiebe, perched like a quiet, good girl on a chair by Siadat, while some audience members blew bubbles, too). The piece – about bubbles! – ended with a great swell of choral glory.”

Here you can read the whole review that also talks about the other pieces on C4’s concert:


Here you can listen to the audio from the dress rehearsal: