COVID-19 is still here haunting us. However, lucky me this pandemic was not enough to keep my school from teaching scholars! It is different now. Everything is online. But the joy of teaching and learning Music is still there. Strange times we are living in!


Quick story: someone called Tim posted a nice comment on one of my YouTube videos. Right after that he sent me an email inviting me for auditioning for this live streaming platform for musicians called Sessions Live. At first I thought it was a “scheme” and I totally dismissed it. One week after that, Tim posted another nice comment in a different video. Also, he sent me another email. At this point,  I decided to give it a try since Tim worked so hard to convince me. I did the audition and I was invited to be part of the platform! I will be streaming live 20 minutes shows once in a while!! I am  excited to try something new, and for artists like me, COVID-19 is making us learn to adapt to a “new normal”. I still do not know how to properly promote my first show, but I can say that I will sing some Jazz, Love Songs and Bossa Nova. Stay tuned!!!