It is always an honor for any composer to have their pieces performed by professional musicians! Last Sunday, I got just that! Three of my pieces were performed by amazing musicians and friends! St. Michael’s Episcopal Church is a gorgeous place for worship, and they have an outstanding Music Program in which contemporary composers like myself get their voices heard. Wanna hear the results? Here we go:


This past month has been a wide journey both in my personal life and career.
Great things have happened, and I would like to briefly share with you all 2 of the most important ones:

1 – Thanks to the National Chorale (, I sang “Carmina Burana” at Lincoln Center under the guidance of the amazing Everett McCorvey. I have to tell you that by the end of the performance, I was taken by the power that lies on making great music surrounded by great people in one of the coolest cities of the world: New York City.

2 – Recently, my “Ave Maria” was performed in Lubaczow, Poland in a choir competition. Conducted by Kornelia Igneas, the choir Alba Cantans who performed my piece, was awarded the second prize! It amazes me the fact that my music can reach places that I have never dreamed of visiting! So cool!