Last Sunday I had the pleasure to hear my piece “Duo Seraphim” beautifully sung by 4 great singers conducted by a dear friend in a place that I simply love! What could be better than this?

“Duo Seraphim” is a result of an unsuccessful commissioned work where the contracting party claimed the piece was not good enough for its intended use, even though both parties followed all guidelines during the project. Basically, the project was ended without any reasonable explanation.

After this incident, I decided to try something: I advertised my piece on social media to see how the public would receive it.

As a result, I got 26 choirs from four different countries showing interest in performing my piece, even producing a concert recording! I got some emails with people saying things like:

“beautiful work”, “Sounds great. We’d love to sing it with our choir.”, “It’s a beautiful piece”, “thank you so much for making this available”, “Thank you for sharing this”, “This is lovely”, “Sounds nice. Thank you for offering this.”, “I have had a listen to the Soundcloud version and really liked what I heard.”, “Whatever the reason it won’t be premiered, shame on them. Thank you for this lovely composition.”

Those comments came from choral directors from Japan, Indonesia, UK, and the US. The sample track posted on my SoundCloud page already got more than 350 listeners and counting. This is so great, and if it wasn’t for this unfortunate situation, I would not have reached that many people!

Now I know that a lot of people like my piece, and after hearing it being performed last Sunday, I could not be happier!

Below, a video of the premiere: