I have been thinking lately about how Choral Music has become a niche, and as the years pass, less and less people have contact with this kind of art, and therefore, it feels like nobody really cares about it.

From the moment I had my first contact with Choral Music, I got so addicted to it, that I can no longer go on with my life without it.

This past week, despite of the Summer heat (which I do not like, lol), I got the opportunity to be invited (for the third time) by my dear friend Vince Peterson to be part of the professional choir that works as a “lab choir” for Chameleon’s Summer Institute!

It is such a rewarding opportunity to make music with such a talented group of people, and to be able to hear and perform stunning pieces in a perfect acoustic at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Brooklyn, NY.

I am grateful to live in a world in which these kinds of moments still exist!

As long as I live, Choral Music will never die!!!!

If you want to know more about the Institute, please, take a look at the following links: