“It is the most wonderful time of the year.”

After a wonderful concert with Chameleonic singing my own piece, I spent the holiday season caroling all over the city with The New York Holiday Choristers. I have been singing with them since 2013, and they are so funny! Take a look at those videos and you will see what a mean by “funny”!:

Professional Carolers – Part 1 – Training

Part 2 – Details

Part 3 – Scarves:


Also, I had the pleasure to conduct The Jubilee Choir in a glorious Christmas Concert:


And for last but not least, Choral Chameleon, one of the best professional choirs in the country, just released a music video in which I took part as a singer:

Many videos, many music, many great moments that I want to share with you all.
“May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white”!
Happy Holidays!!!


Just as Spring looks different through Vivaldi’s eyes than it does through Stravinsky’s, the winter holidays look different in beautiful New York City than they do anywhere else. A metropolitan Christmas is a special one that can’t be compared. The vast and sleepless city of eight million changes its air and becomes a little more caring, a little more loving and a little more personal than at other times. From the echoing halls and corridors of Manhattan, in the rush of day or lit up at night, any moment is a New York Moment at Christmas. This momentariness is captured eloquently and equally in the music of Bach, Mathias, Sondheim, Corigliano, Billings, and more. I wrote a piece for this concert called “Wintry and Wakeful”. My dear friend Greg Kefalas wrote the lyrics. I could not be happier by conducting my own piece among great singers and dear friends. If you are in NYC area, you should come and see this.

You can buy tickets online through the link below: