We live in a crazy world. Black people vs. white people, gay vs. religious, starvation, money, hot, cold, politicians, CEOs ruling the world, people killing each other and dying for many different reasons. People are very stressed nowadays. We have to pursue our dreams, to take care of ourselves, to study, to work, to pay the bills, to have fun, to take care of our families, and on the top of that share all of this in our social media profiles.

I am just tired. Because of that, I started to think about a way to simply slow down, to relax, and to try to spend my time with activities that I enjoy!

Then I had an idea! I thought about it, I searched for many ways to make it happen, I learned how to do other things that I’ve never done before, and after all of this my idea was BORN:


The idea is simple: if you are stressed out and in need of some relaxation, just go to the channel, put your headphones on, and relax. You will be able to listen to an original a cappella arrangement of an excerpt from a well-known song with uplifting lyrics and in a very different version from the original one. For instance, a Jessie J’s song being sung in a relaxing choral setting.
Four parts vocal arrangements, well-known songs, positive messages (no sex, butts, bad words, you name it), and short videos (1 minute length)!
Do you want to send a cool message to someone? Share the video!

You also can download all the scores by accessing my website! Every Tuesday a new video will be posted!

You know me. I don’t go to parades, I don’t fight, I am not rich, I am not a politician. I am an artist. However, the fact that I am an artist doesn’t make me unaware of everything that happens in this world. So many bad things are going on, and this bothers me. The Choral Good Vibes Project is just an attempt to use my art for sending good vibes to everyone, and consequently to contribute to making this world a better place by making music.
If you read everything I wrote, THANK YOU for taking the time to know about this idea.

I will never get tired of being grateful for all your support!