France is an amazing country. So much culture and history to be seen and felt. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to visit marvelous cathedrals and make my music heard for so many people. Last week I had one of the greatest accomplishments of my career: I travelled to France with St. Michael’s Choir and witnessed 2 of my pieces being performed in stunning venues by amazing singers. “Set me as a Seal” was premiered at Basilique Cathédrale Sainte-Croix d’Orléans in Orleans, and “Psalm 23” got performances at Normandy American Cemetery, Basilique Cathédrale Sainte-Croix d’Orléans in Orleans, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres, and Notre-Dame de Paris. I felt like the time has stopped, and I was living in a perfect world in which all I could see is beauty, and all I could hear is music. This trip was a life changing experience! This month, the piece “Set me as a Seal” is available for FREE DOWNLOAD at the main page of this website! Enjoy!